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Lavrov: The West Is Reconsidering Its Stance towards the Syrian Opposition

Nov 08, 2012

MOSCOW, (SANA) - Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said the West is reconsidering its stances towards the Syrian opposition.

He added in an interview with the Russian RIA Novosti news agency and the newspapers of Moskovskiy, Russia in Global Affairs and Novosti, published on Thursday, that he has an impression that for the past few weeks the West's stance towards the Syrian opposition has started to change remarkably.

Lavrov attributed this change to the frustration over the failure in unifying this opposition on the one hand and the growing fears of the domination of new powers other than those on which the West was betting on the other hand.

The Russian Foreign Minister continued to say that Moscow believes that it is essential and crucial that the opposition gets unified around the Geneva Statement, pointing out that up till now attempts to unify the opposition groups have been done on the ground of working against the Syrian government, which is wrong.

Lavrov stressed that Russia is continuing its efforts in this regard, as it has been meeting representatives of the various opposition groups to enhance the idea of dialogue between them and the Syrian government.

Ryabkov : Moscow Convinced that Geneva Statement Still Vital, Countries of Influence on Syrian opposition Don't Use their Influence to Find Solution to Crisis
Russia's Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov on Thursday said Moscow is convinced that Geneva Statement is still vital. Itar-Tass News Agency quoted Ryabkov as saying that and that countries which have influence on the Syrian opposition don't not use their influence to find solution to the crisis in Syria.

"Western players who have influence on the Syrian opposition don't not do their job well," he said, adding that this thing is likely to be intentional. He made it clear that Russia do everything to stop the violence and begin a comprehensive political process in Syria.

"We are not confident that the Syrian government's unilateral concessions will be the way to settle the situation, it is impossible for the ceasefire to be a unilateral," the Russian official said.

Ryabkov stressed that Moscow's position depends on the correct reading and unquestionable standards of the interpretation law. " However, we do not lose the hope as there are still opportunities to find a solution to the crisis in Syria,"

He said: " Talks with the Syrian opposition is continued," adding: " A number of representatives of the Syrian opposition came to Moscow to hold talks with the Russian officials and this work is continued on a daily basis as there is still a possibility that should be exploited."

Lukashevich: Moscow exerts more Efforts to stop violence in Syria
Spokesman of the Russian Foreign Ministry Alexander Lukashevich affirmed that Moscow will exert more efforts on all levels to halt violence in Syria, saying that improving the humanitarian situation in Syria would not be realized except by a political solution to the crisis.

At a press conference, Lukashevich said that the humanitarian situation in Syria is deteriorating due to the unilateral sanctions imposed on Syria by some countries.

"The true criterion to evaluate any meeting for the Syrian opposition lies in the participants' readiness to find a peaceful resolution to the crisis in the country by virtue of the Syrians only, without any foreign intervention and through dialogue." Lukashevich added.

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