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Developments in Syria - August 25, 2012

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PROVINCES, (SANA)- The armed forces set an ambush in al-Jandoul and al-Jesser roundabout in the city of Aleppo killing a number of terrorists and destroying 7 cars equipped with DShK machineguns and a bus for the terrorists. A source in Aleppo province told SANA reporter that the army seized the terrorists' weapons including BKC machineguns, ammunition and 4 boxes of charges and bombs.

Meanwhile, a unit of the armed forces clashed with terrorists near the Cutural Center in Aleppo.

The clash resulted in killing and wounding a large number of terrorists. Leader of one of the armed terrorist groups, terrorist Mohammad Yaser Karandal, was killed and his weapons were seized in Saif al-Dawla area in Aleppo.

In Seif al-Dawleh neighborhood, the Syrian armed forces cleansed the area of terrorists and killed a large number of them. The armed forces also killed the members of an armed terrorist group near the shopping mall in Saif al-Dawla area.

Armed Forces Clear Town of Darayya in Damascus Countryside from Terrorists
The armed forces cleared the town of Darayya in Damascus Countryside from terrorists, pursuing them up to Ashrafiyet Sahnaya area and eliminating a large number of them. The armed forces confiscated a large amount of weapons, including a car belonging to an international organization which was equipped with a DShK machinegun, C4 explosives, remote detonators, and several large improvised explosives devices (IEDs), in addition to military uniforms and IDs stolen cars, and stolen medical equipment and supplies (1).

In al-Lawan neighborhood in the fields of Darayya, the authorities chased down a group of terrorists and eliminated them, confiscating their equipment which included a car equipped with a DShK machinegun, RPG launchers and rounds, rifles, and ammo, in addition to stolen cars and fake license plates.

In the town of al-Tal in Damascus Countryside, the authorities uncovered a workshop which had been used for manufacturing IEDs, confiscating a large amount of IEDs and equipment and supplies used for making them.

Authorities Clash with Terrorist Group, Raid Hideout in Deir Ezzor
In Deir Ezzor, the authorities clashed with an armed terrorist group that attacked citizens and committed acts of sabotage in the neighborhood of Deir al-Atiq. SANA reporter quoted a source in the province as saying that the clashes resulted in killing and injuring the group's members.

The authorities also raided a hideout for terrorists in al-Wadi street in the neighborhood of al-Joureh and clashed with a terrorist group killing the terrorist Youssef Darrouj. The authorities arrested five other terrorists and seized their weapons which included machineguns, RPG shells and a number of communication devices.

Also in Deir Ezzor, the authorities clashed with terrorists who were using a microbus, killing 13 terrorists and destroying the minibus. The authorities also clashed with three terrorists in a car and killed them.

In Ghassan Abboud roundabout, the authorities destroyed two pickup trucks equipped with DShK machineguns with the terrorists inside them.

Authorities Pursue Terrorists in Daraa Countryside
The authorities canvassed al-Yarmouk valley in Daraa countryside in pursuit of terrorists, killing many of them and confiscating their weapons along with passports and wireless communication devices.

In Bosra al-Cham, the authorities pursued a terrorist group and eliminated many of its members, including Hamza Haitham al-Oudeh, and arrested other members of the group and confiscated their weapons, communication devices and cameras.

Near the village of Mahajje, the authorities sprang an ambush on a terrorist group, eliminating several of its members and confiscating their weapons which included automatic rifles and sniper rifles.

In al-Yadouda area, the authorities raided a gathering of terrorists who were attacking locals and setting up roadblocks, with the terrorists ending up dead or injured.

Armed Forces Clash with Terrorists in Ariha, Idleb Countryside
Armed forces units continued to clear the town of Ariha in Idleb countryside from terrorist, surrounding one group of terrorists in the industrial area, inflicting heavy losses upon them and destroying their vehicles which were equipped with DShK machineguns.

An armed forces unit also intercepted a terrorist group which was coming from al-Zawiye mountain to assist the terrorist in Ariha, killing and wounding the group's members.

Armed Forces Chase Down Terrorists in Homs, Kill Leader of Terrorist Group
An armed forces unit chased down a group of terrorists in Jouret al-Shiyah in Homs, eliminating most of its members including its leader who is known as al-Siba'ee.

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(1) The results of the Darrya killings of the armed gangs can be seen in the following video below. Very graphic material portraying a lot of dead people. This is all very sad. Why did they take up arms in the first place? Why couldn't these people have invested in dialogue with the Syrian Government? You can't expect to run around with guns, killing people who disagree with you, and then survive.

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