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Armed Forces Clear Neighborhoods in Aleppo and Damascus Countryside from Terrorist Groups

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Jul 29, 2012

PROVINCES,(SANA)- The armed forces on Sunday cleared Saladin neighborhood in Aleppo city from armed terrorist group. An official source told SANA that the armed forces inflicted very heavy losses on the terrorists, some of them non-Syrians of Arab and foreign nationalities, adding that fleeing terrorists are being pursued and that their hideouts are being raided, with the terrorists being arrested or eliminated.
Earlier, the source said that some gangs' leaders were killed, pointing out that Ahmad al-Janoudi, Mohammad Abdul-Salam Salloum, Ali al-Hussein abu Hussein and Mohammad al-Saed were identified among the dead.
The source said that the armed forces killed or wounded the terrorists in Bab al-Hadid area and arrested a number of them, adding that a Chevrolet pickup equipeed with a DShK machinegun was seized in Bustan al-Zahra area. In al-Barkoum area, the authorities inflicted heavy losses upon a terrorist group that had attempted to sabotage factories in the area and terrorize their owners.
The authorities continued chasing down an armed terrorist group at al-Sakhour roundabout in the city of Aleppo, leaving nine of its members dead or injured.

Syrian Armed Forces Clear al-Sbeineh from the Armed Terrorist Groups

Syrian Armed forces pcleared al-Sbeineh area in Damascus countryside from the defeated armed terrorist groups which terrified the citizens, spread chaos, burned private and public properties and sabotaged the infrastructure.
 The families in al-Sbeineh thanked the sacrifices of the Syrian armed forces for their response to their calls to get rid of the armed groups which forced them to flee their homes and looted their properties.
Armed Forces Liberate Two Abductees in Damascus Countryside
In al-Shefoniye in Damascus Countryside, the Syrian Arab Army forces managed to liberate two employees who were abducted by terrorists.
Colonel Nabil Kurdaghli said in a speech to the Syrian TV that while he was going from the hospital last Thursday to buy some bread, an armed terrorist group abducted him, taking him to unknown place.  

"The terrorists beat and tortured me, but when they knew that I was a doctor.. they stopped beating me in order to make use of my expertise in treating the injured terrorists," Doctor Kudaghli said.

For his part, Policeman Amer al-Ali said that while going to my work in al-Shefoniya, an armed terrorist group stormed the municipality building, abducted me and took me to unknown place.

"After one hour, we arrived at a farm… the terrorists beat and tortured me, leading to the braking of a number of my ribs and a full paralysis in my right hand," he added.
Border Guards Foil Terrorists' Infiltration Attempt from Lebanon
The border guards on Saturday foiled an infiltration attempt by terrorist groups which tried to cross to Talkalakh area in Syria from Lebanon.
A source at the Province said that the terrorist groups tried, several times, to infiltrate to Syria from the areas of al-Matehouma and Shihera.
The source added that the authorities foiled the attempts and forced terrorists to flee back to Lebanon.
Infiltration Attempt from Turkey Foiled, Suffer Heavy Losses among Terrorists in Idleb

Border guards on Sunday foiled an infiltration attempt of an armed terrorist group from the Turkish territories to Syria near -Ein al-Beida site in Jisr al-Shughor in Idleb Province.
An official source in the province told SANA reporter that members of border guards arrested a number of terrorists, while the others escaped back to the Turkish territories.
Authorities also hunted an armed terrorist group in Bileen, Bailoun and Kfar Rouma villages in the province causing them heavy losses.
The source pointed out that the authorities destroyed the cars of the terrorists which were equipped with machine guns and confiscated their weapons.
The authorities also clashed with terrorists in farms surrounding Idleb city and in Qourin village, inflicting heavy losses on the terrorists, confiscating their weapon and destroying their cars which are armed with machine guns.

Heavy Losses Caused to Terrorists During Clashes in Daraa
 Authorities arrested several members of the armed terrorist groups in Mukhayam al-Naziheen neighborhood in Daraa and caused them heavy losses.
An official source in the province told SANA reporter that a field hospital was found during the pursuit process.
In Busra al-Sham, the authorities clashed with an armed terrorist group, killing all its members.

Authorities Raid Terrorist Hideout in Sheikh Miskin, Daraa Countryside
The authorities raided a terrorist hideout in the town of Sheikh Miskin in Daraa countryside, inflicting heavy losses upon the terrorists, many of which threw down their guns and surrendered to the authorities.
Several innocent civilians who had been abducted by the terrorists were liberated during this operation.
In Daraa al-Balad, Mousa Ahmad al-Masalmeh, the leader of a terrorist group, was killed.

Terrorists Suffer Heavy Losses in Talbiseh, Homs Countryside
The authorities set an ambush in Talbiseh area in Homs countryside for an armed terrorist group which had been carrying out acts of murder and vandalism, setting roadblocks, and opening fire on passing cars.
A source at the province told SANA that scores of terrorists were either killed or injured during the clash.

Authorities Chase Terrorists in Deir Ezzor
Authorities on Saturday chased armed terrorist groups in al-Aradi neighborhood in Deir Ezzor City and the countryside of al-Mayadeen inflicting heavy losses upon their members.
SANA reporter quoted a source in the province as saying that terrorists Mohammad al-Badr, Mohammad Eleiwi and Wahab al-Khaleifeh were identified among the deed in al-Aradi neighborhood.
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