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Nasrallah: They Want Syria to Change into a Country of Renunciation

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BEIRUT, (SANA)-Secretary General of Hizbollah Hassan Nasrallah underlined that the stance of national resistance in Lebanon towards events in Syria is different from what has happened in other countries, as it confronts the US-backed Zionist project , supports resistance and shows readiness for dialogue and reforms.

"They want Syria to shift into an Arab country of renunciation.. for that, they send weapons and money into Syria and issue fatwa of killing," Nasrallah said in a speech to al-Mayadin TV broadcast on Monday.

Nasrallah called for the halt of violence in Syria, start dialogue in order to make a political settlement in light of the presence of a guaranteeing counties like Russia and Iran, protect Syria from chaos and destruction.

He ruled out any western military intervention in Syria, saying the reason is the existence of a problem in the capability as the European countries can't interfere without the USA which left Iraq and as the repercussions of such intervention are open for any accounts.

"Syria admitted some mistakes and showed readiness for dialogue and reforms, but we see that the opposition abroad calls for an international military interference though this one has killed thousands of people in Iraq," Nasrallah stressed.

Nasrallah stressed that Iran, as a president of the Non-Aligned Movement, exerts genuine efforts and shows cooperation with any regional and international effort to find a solution for the crisis in Syria as it works on the formation of a serious and genuine 'contact group' to reach an end for the crisis in Syria.

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More from Nasrallah on Iran and Israel at http://www.presstv.ir/detail/2012/09/04/259738/israeli-raid-to-meet-iran-great-reply/

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