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Authorities clash with Armed Groups in Damascus quarters al-Midan and Naher Aisha

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Jul 17, 2012

DAMASCUS/ALEPPO,(SANA) - An armed terrorist group Tuesday at dawn attacked al-Qaboun third electricity converter station, causing big financial loss and breaking down three converters.

An official source at Ministry of Electricity said that an armed terrorist group attacked the station with mortar and RPG shells, leaving material damages estimated at SYP 300 million due to the harm caused to three converters and maintenance levers, in addition to the burning of the station.

The source pointed out that maintenance workshops restored the voltage and replaced the damaged parts to re-operate the station in two days. The authorities are hunting the terrorist group in the neighboring area to the station, the sources pointed out.

Authorities Confront Terrorist Group in Naher Aisha, Chase Down Another Group in Outskirts of al-Midan

The authorities confronted an armed terrorist group that was opening fire and attempting to block roads in Naher Aisha area in Damascus. An official source told SANA that the authorities managed to deal with the terrorists and cleared the roads in the area.

The source added that the authorities continue to chase down an armed terrorist group in the outskirts of al-Midan neighborhood in Damascus, inflicting heavy losses in the terrorists' ranks.

In al-Maysat neighborhood, the authorities chased a group of three terrorist who opened fire on an ambulance, injuring the ambulance driver and the accompanying medic. An official source told SANA that two of the terrorists have been arrested and that the authorities are still searching for the third.

Authorities Clash with Armed Terrorist Groups Destroying 14 Vehicles, Causing heavy Losses
Authorities on Monday clashed with armed terrorist groups riding in ten vehicles and attacking residents and law enforcement members in Bethraton and Bayanon in Aleppo.

An official source told SANA reporter that the clash caused heavy losses among the terrorists and destroyed the ten cars with the terrorists inside. The source added that the authorities also clashed with armed terrorist groups in Aazaz area in the Province, adding that they were blocking roads, stealing and attacking citizens.

The authorities destroyed four cars supplied with machine guns and caused heavy losses among the terrorists. The bodies of the terrorists Mohammad Fawzi Hafez, Ghazi Mohammad al-Ezzo, Ismail Hamandoush, Omar Qadour al-Sayyed Ali and Mohammad Akkash were identified, according to the source.

R. Milhem / al-Ibrahim / H. Sabbagh

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