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Gatilov Criticizes US Hypocrite Attitude towards Crisis in Syria

Jul 20, 2012 - original at:  http://www.sana.sy/eng/22/2012/07/20/432512.htm

MOSCOW, (SANA)- Russian Deputy Foreign Minister, Gennady Gatilov, said that the US has adopted "a hypocrite attitude" towards the Syrian file in its refrain from exerting pressure on the opposition to start dialogue with the government in Syria.

In a statement posted on his page on the net, Gatilov added that the Americans have done nothing towards urging the opposition to hold dialogue with the Syrian government, in comment on random accusations made by the U.S. Permanent Representative to the Security Council Susan Rice out of anger over the Russia-China veto against the Western draft resolution on Syria.

Gatilov: Russia to Vote for a Pakistan-Proposed Draft UN Security Council Resolution on Extending Observer MissionEarlier, Gatilove announced in a statement to the Russian Interfax news agency his country's support to a draft resolution proposed by Pakistan at UN Security Council on extending the observer mission in Syria for 45 days.  Gatilov said that Russia will support the draft resolution which is to be put to the vote on Friday as it has participated in preparing it along with the Pakistani partners. The draft provides for extending the mandate of the UN observer mission 45 additional days after it expires on Saturday.

Russian Foreign Ministry: Russia' Stance on Crisis in Syria Has Not Changed for a Moment
Russian Foreign Ministry on Friday called on the Western countries to do something to persuade the armed opposition in Syria to step onto the path of a political solution instead of making crude insinuations about the firm Russian stance. In a press conference published on Russia Today website, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman, Alexander Lukashevich, warned of the consequences of the US plans to surpass the Security Council and interfere in Syria's internal affairs.

He stressed that Russia has no backed for a moment throughout the course of the crisis in Syriafrom searching for a political settlement.  The Russian spokesman strongly criticized the statements of some European officials who considered that the recent terrorist attack in Damascus stresses the necessity of further pressuring the Syrian leadership because it has made the situation reach that far.

He rejected the Western accusations against Russia, saying that the attempts of some Western countries to make Moscow seem responsible for the situation in Syria as "absolutely unacceptable".

Lukashevich warned that the US's announcement of its intention to work outside the Security Council and interfere in Syria's internal affairs constitutes "a very very alarming signal".

"If such declarations and such plans are elements of actual policy, I think that is a very, very alarming signal to all of us about how the international community plans to respond to international conflict situations," said Lukashevich.

He added that the task of all external players, particularly the Security Council members, is to use all their capabilities and work within the resolutions previously agreed on, specially resolutions 2042 and 2043, and what was agreed on at the Geneva meeting.

Lukashevich Rejects US Threats against Russia over Veto on Syria
In another context, Lukashevich stressed Russia's rejection of US threats of taking revenge over the Russian veto against the Western draft resolution on the crisis in Syria.  He criticized measures taken by the U.S. Congress to prevent the Pentagon from cooperation with the Russian Aporns Exports company in a bid to take revenge on Russia because of its veto at the Security Council, dismissing the threats of imposing sanctions on Russia as unacceptable. He stressed that taking revenge on it because of the veto or its principled stance on peaceful settlement to the crisis in Syria and placing the responsibility for escalation on it will not avail.

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